Ministry Update- June 2013

July 6, 2013

In March we told you about “Coffee Shop”—the gospel presentation short film that Doug’s team produced.  Since its release the film has received more than 4,600 views from around the world using the Jesus Film Media App.

International ViewingsReleased last October, the app allows the sharing of JESUS Film™ tools like never before.  The blue dots below represent the places where “Coffee Shop” has been viewed around the world through the app.

You can view the film online and download it at

Please continue to pray for the use of “Coffee Shop” and for those who will hear the gospel through it.  Pray for the development of more evangelistic short films.  Doug’s team is planning to produce two more similar films this year.

We have another exciting major film project in the works.  It is called “The Paul Project.” It will be JESUS Film’s most ambitious and challenging task since the original film “JESUS”, bringing to life many of the incredible events of the New Testament, from Acts and Paul’s epistles.  Like “JESUS”, “The Paul Project” will be firmly based on the Word of God.  Also, as a follow-up to “JESUS” film showings around the globe, it will help ensure lasting fruit.

Paul ProjectWe need your prayers for this project.  We are inviting you to join us in helping to build a strong foundation of prayer for the project.  You can read The Paul Project prayer requests and sign up to pray at .

On a personal note, please pray for safety for our upcoming travels.  Doug will be speaking at the Making Film’s of Faith Conference in Atlanta, Georgia at the end of this month. His talk will be on producing short films that start spiritual conversations.  Also, we will be traveling to Ft. Collins, Colorado for our staff conference July 14-21.  We still have a need for $1,500 in financial support to cover the cost of this required conference.  Pray our remaining need will come in quickly.  We are so thankful for the money raised so far.

Thank you for your faithful prayers and partnership with us.  It is a joy to serve the Lord in this ministry with you.

Ministry Update- March 2013

March 29, 2013

The coffeehouse was sweltering as film lighting, cameras, cast and crew filled the tight space.  This location was the setting for the next 12 hours—from 6:30 p.m. to 6:30 a.m.—as the filming of “Coffee Shop” took place.

After several months of writing and planning, Doug’s team began filming in February the first of several evangelistic short films.  Doug was the producer for “Coffee Shop”.  Some of his responsibilities included setting up the location, arranging casting, finding the crew and making sure the film shoot ran smoothly.

Coffee Shop Filming“Coffee Shop” is intended to give the viewer a clear understanding of how to become a Christian. It will be part of an epilogue—one film immediately following another—which will lead to a spiritual conversation.

The film’s story involves a causal conversation between two friends—Becky and her nonbeliever friend, Anna who meet for coffee.  Becky shares the importance of Christ in her life and urges her friend to accept His unconditional love too.Coffee Shop Filming

“Coffee Shop” is now in the testing phase.  Doug and other Campus Crusade for Christ staff will be showing it and gathering responses to measure the effectiveness of the film in presenting the gospel in a conversational story form.  Click here to watch “Coffee Shop”.

Please pray for the testing of this film, that Campus Crusade staff will receive honest feedback on the effectiveness of it.  Pray also for wisdom as Doug’s team writes and plans for the next evangelistic short film in the series.

Coffee Shop FilmingNext month, Doug will be a part of the audio/visual team at an upcoming JESUS Film Briefing taking place April 11-14.  The event will include Campus Crusade staff members from around the world sharing reports of what God is doing in their countries through The JESUS Film Project.  Please pray for those who attend the event to be ministered to spiritually.

Thank you for your prayers and partnership.  It is a joy to serve Him in this ministry with you.

Ministry Update- November 2012

November 12, 2012

As Thanksgiving approaches, we thought there is no better time to share some thankful news.  Over the past year we have focused our time in raising needed financial support for our ministry.  We are thrilled to share with you that as of this month the Lord has provided the funds to make up for our financial shortfall!

This incredible provision could not have happened without you.  Many of you not only continued to give, but graciously increased your giving or gave an extra gift to us.  Others introduced us to friends and family, so we could share about our ministry with them.  Many of them joined our financial team for the first time.  We cannot thank you enough for not only standing with us, but going above and beyond to show your love for us!

The Lord taught us many things during this season, but most of all He confirmed our calling to the ministry of reaching the world for Christ through The JESUS Film Project.   Thank you for your continued partnership with us.  We cannot do it without you!

GSFN ShowingWe mentioned in our June newsletter about the development of the Jesus Film Media App.  In October the app became available.  It contains the entire library of JESUS Film Project films.  You can get the app in the App Store by searching “Jesus Film Media” or at on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.  It is also available for the Android phone through Google Play Store.

Recently, Kelsey—a Cru staff member—used the app with students at the University of Texas to share the gospel with fellow students.  This is what she shared about that experience.

“I had the opportunity to train Justin, Josh and Blake how to share their faith through discussions about short films.  I only had one iPad with me and we wanted to split into two groups, so I had Justin quickly download the new Jesus Film Media App where he could easily access the films.  We then went out to share with students.”

“An hour and half later we came back together and Justin and Josh were beaming with joy as they blurted out, He prayed to receive Christ!  They then went on to share how this exciting event took place.”

“They approached Nick who agreed to watch and discuss one of the films.   Justin then opened the Jesus Film Media App and showed one of the films to Nick on his phone.  While discussing the questions about the film, Nick shared that he had never heard the gospel explained so clearly in a way he could understand, and said he wanted to pray to receive Jesus!”

Pray for those who are using the app that many will come to know Christ.  We appreciate your partnership with us.

Ministry Update- September 2012

September 17, 2012

In the past few weeks we have received some incredible reports of people coming to Christ through the use of our JESUS Film Project’s new ministry tools. One of those new tools is a film series for women that Doug’s team produced, called “Rivka.”

“Rivka” is an evangelism and basic follow-up strategy that can be utilized throughout the world. Consisting of video, audio and print tools designed to be used in a variety of combinations, the core of “Rivka” is the story of a small group of Christians living in first century Palestine. As they grow together through life’s struggles and joys, they learn the foundational tenants of the Christian life. Added to this narrative are Bible studies and personal devotionals that aide the audience in learning those same truths for themselves.

Rivka showingIn a central Asian country, Campus Crusade staff members have been using “Rivka” and seeing God move in amazing ways. Here is what one staff member recently shared:

“Lately we have had great success through our presentations of the “Rivka” project. Everywhere we teach our evangelism and discipleship training, we utilize “Rivka” (especially among women) as an excellent tool.

At first, we limited our presentations to believers in local churches, seeing “Rivka” as a way to help new believers grow in their faith. However, we began to notice that many groups which had formed after our initial training began to invite non-believing women and see this as an effective evangelistic tool. We have come to see this material for believers and for evangelism.

We had not expected the effects we’ve seen from “Rivka”…and it has not yet been translated into our local language!

In the past three months more than 1,000 women have come to faith in Jesus Christ and approximately 50 small groups have formed, most of which are completely woman’s groups.

If/when we are able—with God’s help—to translate this series of films into our local language, we believe that this will be the equivalent to a spiritual bomb! Many, upon watching this material, immediately say that they need this themselves…and that so do our people as a whole.”

Please pray for the Lord’s wisdom as Doug’s team continues to develop and release “Rivka” around the world. Pray also for those who have come to Christ after seeing “Rivka” that they will continue to grow in their faith.

Thank you for your continued faithful prayers and support to our ministry.

Ministry Update- July 2012

July 27, 2012

It is amazing how the power of short film can draw people into the story being portrayed on the screen in only a matter of minutes. Combining this screening with a redemptive message shared by those showing the film creates a great opportunity for spiritual discussion.

In June, staff and students involved with Campus Crusade for Christ in Ethiopia experienced the power of short film from behind the lens. During a weeklong training, a team of Campus Crusade staff who lead the short film ministry strategy that Doug’s team developed taught them how to produce and use short films for ministry outreach.

At the conclusion of the training, the trainees (48 total) put into practice what they just learned as they split into groups to create a short film. The next day they broke into their groups and dispersed throughout Addis Ababa to show short films using iPods and iPhones to start spiritual conversations.

Ethiopia Short Film ShowingsOne of the groups met with an Ethiopian young professional named Daniel (pictured above left).  The group showed him a film called “The Black Hole” and shared with him about character and integrity. When the conversation turned to the need for Christ to die for our sins, they showed him the film “Sebastian’s Voodoo.”  It was a perfect combo to springboard into the gospel. He told the group he has much to think about and will consider the claims of Christ.  Please pray for Daniel as he follows up with staff to learn what it means to trust Christ alone for salvation.

Another group shared the film “Reach” with two shoeshine boys.  They responded, “We are not satisfied with our lives. Tell us what me must do!” After hearing the gospel through the Four Spiritual Laws booklet, they trusted Christ.

As a result of the training, 78 conversations were initiated, 70 short films were screened, and 17 people prayed to receive Christ.  Students and staff are now in the process of following up with those who indicated a decision to trust Christ. Please pray for these new believers as they grow in their newfound faith.

If you would like to watch or download any of the short films for use in your personal ministry, click here for more information.

We want to thank you for your continued faithful prayers and support to our ministry. As a result of your partnership, people around the world can hear about Christ in their own language through film.

Ministry Update- June 2012

June 25, 2012

The world is changing, rapid global communication and networking is transforming modern society. Today, people around the globe can access information that would have been difficult or impossible to find years ago.

According to ITU World Telecommunication’s website, the number of Internet users worldwide has more than doubled in the past six years. Among those 2 billion plus users, more than 1.2 billion are from developing countries. Not only are more people accessing the Internet than ever before, mobile phone subscriptions have also reached an all-time high with more than 5 billion subscriptions worldwide.

To keep up with the changing digital world, The JESUS Film Project developed Digital Media Distribution—offering global access to the gospel through the “JESUS” film and its companion films. Elizabeth Schenkel, wife of executive director of The JESUS Film Project shared: “There are moments that change history, and this is one of those moments. And if we can take advantage of this opportunity, I believe we’re going to see people coming to Christ in unprecedented numbers.”

Through Digital Media Distribution, people anywhere in the world with Internet access can watch the entire “JESUS” film—as well as companion films like “My Last Day”, “Magdalena: Released From Shame”, and “Following JESUS”—available in their own language. This could be a reality by the end of the year, allowing people to watch any of these video files through mobile devices, computers, or TVs.

While traditional film showings via projectors and DVDs continue strong, the potential to share the gospel and follow-up lessons on phones and computers across the globe is unparalleled. “Our system makes it possible for any one person to become a significant partner and reach potentially hundreds of thousands by using the “JESUS” film within his or her own networks on the Internet,” Matt Brubaker, director of the DMD team, explained. “It helps us to take the “JESUS” film to places where people otherwise might not be able to hear.”

Please pray for the development of this innovative project that those who have never had access to the gospel will utilize this platform giving them the opportunity to know Christ. You can watch a short video below that explains more about this project.

We appreciate your faithful prayers and giving. Thanks to your partnership, the Lord has blessed us with nearly 65 percent of our total financial support need! We cannot thank you enough for standing with us.

Ministry Update- May 2012

May 15, 2012

We appreciate your prayers and/or financial support to our ministry.  Without your partnership our ministry would not be possible.  God has done some amazing things this year, and you played an important role.  We thought you would be just as encouraged as we were to see some of the ways the Lord worked through The JESUS Film Project in the past four months.

1.  People worldwide had the chance to hear the gospel this year through various tools provided by the ministry.  From new media tools that can be used as a springboard to the gospel, to the classic films like “JESUS”, “The Story of Jesus for Children” and “Magdalena: Released From Shame”—many individuals were given opportunities to accept Christ.

2.  New translations of our film tools were completed.  The classic “JESUS” film was dubbed into 21 new languages bringing the total to 1,142 languages.  Six new translations of “Magdalena: Released From Shame” were completed bringing the total to 91 languages.

3.  Stories of changed lives were witnessed from around the world.  On March 15th factory owners screened “JESUS” for 110 workers from inside their factory located in a country in East Asia.  As a result of the showing, 23 workers prayed to receive Christ while 24 others expressed a desire to know more about Christ.  These new believers are in the process of being followed up with to help them grow in their faith.

4.   In February, a new film-based discipleship series called “Walking With Jesus” premiered in Africa, helping Africans understand the practical implications of their faith.  More than 250 people attended the premiere event including the Vice President of Kenya.

5.  A website to promote the new anime film, “My Last Day”, was launched in March.  The newly designed website,, provides a free download of the film available in multiple languages as well as outreach strategies and printable materials.  The film serves as an innovative way to reach a new generation of seekers.

As we reflect on all that God has done through your support this year we are reminded of the passage in Ephesians that says it is purely by God’s grace that any of us know him.  Paul goes on to say, “For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do” (Eph. 2:10).

Thank you for the good work you have been part of as a partner of our ministry.  We praise the Lord for all He has done and continues to do through people like you.  Please pray for more opportunities to create visual media tools to reach everyone everywhere.  Thank you for your continued prayers for us.  Praise God for providing one-third of our total financial support need in the past few months.

Ministry Update- April 2012

April 5, 2012

In many parts of the world, women are not valued in their society.  With a great need to show them that they are valued by Jesus, Doug’s team produced the film “Magdalena: Released From Shame” which shows how Jesus values women by focusing on historical accounts of His interactions with four biblical women.

Campus Crusade for Christ leadership in Russia organized showings of “Magdalena” to coincide with a recent national holiday.  To most Americans, March 8th is like any ordinary day.  However, in Russia and other countries around the world March 8th is referred to as International Women’s Day which celebrates the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future.

Magdalena ShowingPrior to the public screenings of “Magdalena” surrounding this day, Campus Crusade leadership trained volunteers to assist with outreaches and follow-up meetings for new believers who come to Christ through the film.  As a result of the showings, more than 400 women watched the film in March.

During one of the “Magdalena” showings in a region of Siberia, a couple attended who had never heard the gospel.  With great suspicion, Yury accompanied his wife, Natasha, to the showing.  Natasha’s mother is a believer and on several occasions invited her daughter to attend the church where the showing took place, but Yury never allowed his wife to go.

After the showing, Yury was so impressed with the experience that he urged Natasha to attend the church the following day.  During the church follow-up meeting, Natasha accepted Christ!  In addition to Natasha, 12 more women joined the church as a result of the “Magdalena” showing.

Pray that Yury would join his wife in attending church and that he would consider a relationship with Jesus.  Pray also that the spiritual momentum created during the “Magdalena” showings will continue to spread across Russia and beyond.

Thank you for your prayers and support to our ministry.  Your partnership means so much to us.  Please continue to pray for us as we raise new monthly support.  We value your prayers and know that this ministry would not be possible without your prayer support.

Japan- Triple Tragedy!

March 20, 2012

Here is an exciting outreach that our teams are involved with in Japan.

On Sunday, March 11, a year has passed since Japan was struck by the triple tragedy of an earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident. According to figures from the country’s National Police Agency, the Great East Japan Earthquake left 15,848 dead and 3,305 missing – the largest loss of life due to a disaster in Japan since World War II. Approximately 320,000 people lost their homes; including jobs, possessions and livelihoods. More than 90 percent continue to live in temporary housing. Trauma, grief, pain and hopelessness fill each day for many survivors. Combined with cold, dark weeks of winter have caused some to resort to suicide – already a chronic, increasing concern in Japan.

Japanese Tsunami Response “Manga
A newly created “Manga” magazine titled “RISKRIDE” is planned to be distributed to survivors and others affected by this ongoing tragedy. It is a story of hope in the gospel of Christ that many have experienced through the help, concern and love of Christian relief and church workers. Manga magazine style is very popular in all segments of Japanese society and read by all age groups, especially its youth. “RISKRIDE” is a powerful story of faith and redemption that will encourage a path to recovery, purpose and revived hope for survivors to rebuild their lives!

“RISKRIDE”– View it and share it from here:

PS, Please view “My Last Day,” a powerfully graphic anime´ depiction of the crucifixion of Christ and two thieves!  This film uses the audio from “JESUS” and Doug’s team help develop the concept.

Ministry Update- February 2012

February 29, 2012

We all understand the great importance of leading someone to Christ. But it should not stop there. Following up that new believer so they understand the practical implications of their faith is just as critical.

One of the tools Doug’s New Media team developed to follow-up with new believers in Africa who come to Christ after watching “JESUS” is called “Walking With Jesus.” We shared about this film series in our August newsletter. Combining scenes filmed in Africa with clips from “JESUS”, this film-based discipleship series depicts common African life scenarios, modeling committed Christian discipleship.

This month, “Walking With Jesus” premiered in Africa. With more than 250 people in attendance including pastors, bishops and government leaders, the event was a huge success. The Vice President of Kenya delivered the keynote address.

Kenya Vice President

While this event was promoted as a premiere, our Campus Crusade for Christ staff members in Africa began using the film after its release to test it and provide feedback.

We have seen God do amazing things with “Walking With Jesus” like bringing people to Christ, helping them understand basic biblical truths and establishing churches in remote villages.

In a Muslim region of Mozambique, a staff team showed “Walking With Jesus” during a weeklong outreach. After the first film showing, a man accepted Christ and began helping the team screen the film in other areas during the rest of the week. As a result of the outreach, 1,500 people heard the gospel and 300 people made decisions to follow Christ!

Campus Crusade staff in Kenya are using the film series during their premarital counseling, helping couples become grounded on the truth of the gospel before starting their lives together. Church planters in Kenya began using “Walking With Jesus” as part of their church planting program. They say that traditionally follow-up groups dwindle in numbers over time. When they use the film series, the numbers increase each week as people bring their friends and family back to see the next episode. It is helping them build a congregation.

Please pray for the continued ministry use of “Walking With Jesus” in Africa. Please also pray for us as we continue to develop our monthly support team. Thank you for your prayers and partnership. It is a joy to serve Him in this ministry with you.

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